24/02/2013 - Rome

Brand Aid

The Double-F Logo…

Fendi for fountains? Yep, you heard right. It’s the catchphrase for a noble gesture announced a couple of weeks ago by the legendary luxury goods brand.

Chairman and CEO Pietro Beccari, backed up by Silvia Venturini Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld, has pledged something like €2.5m to fund an urgent restoration of Rome‘s monumental Fontana di Trevi and the nearby late-Renaissance Quattro Fontane complex. The donation, said he, underscores the company’s dedication to art, beauty and craftsmanship as well as its Roman connection. The Fendi empire in fact started out in 1925 as an unassuming trader of furs and leather goods in Via del Plebiscito.

In return for such largesse, the double-F logo will be displayed around the sites while work is in progress, and due gratitude is to be inscribed near the fountains when they reappear in all their original glory.

But that’s nothing compared to what Tod’s and even Diesel are shelling out for Italy’s cultural heritage!

The Fendi bounty fits neatly into a trend in which the appointed authorities are obliged to seek sponsors to maintain their treasures, and heavyweight fashion houses obligingly invest. Tod’s is to disburse no less than €25m for a restyling of the Colosseum, while Diesel has promised €5m for a renovation of Venice’s Rialto Bridge.

Other mega-brands, please form an orderly queue…

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