Rome | Contemporary Catering

Ten years ago, a group of Italian designers with a passion for food and a knack for innovation founded the creative enterprise Arabeschi di Latte.

Since then, the all-women collective has travelled throughout the continent to bring sensory and interactive experiences using food as a medium to create a “daily sense of happiness”. Enjoying food is, after all, a pillar of Italian culture. But food does more than just excite the taste buds: it inspires and creates friendships. The people at Arabeschi di Latte handle food with originality and imagination, transforming every bite into a novel experience: riverside picnics, futurist-inspired dinners, and taste-infused karaoke are just a few of the brilliant, mouth-watering concepts launched over the years.

In Italy, innovation takes some effort…
  Arabeschi di Latte

Arabeschi di Latte promotes food as joie de vivre but also as social commentary: at the 2009 Public Design Festival in Milan, they set up a workshop entitled Il Nuovo in Italia e’ Fatica to make the statement that it’s never easy to come up with something innovative. Here, the process of creating a perfect zabaglione from scratch, using traditional utensils, became a symbolic illustration of the great effort it takes to create something ‘new’ and different in a country still firmly shrouded in tradition.

The company’s creative approach to conviviality is multi-disciplinary and dynamic, raging from food events to product design. As well as setting up workshops and pop-up shops, the team offers services in curating, styling and packaging in the realms of interiors, architecture, visual communications and art.

The brand’s journey took an exciting new route with the establishment of Mia Market in Rome in early 2010: a space resembling a kitchen where a group of friends have accidentally left the door open. Mia Market is a healthy and relaxed hideaway in which to master the art of cooking in a familiar atmosphere.
The menu changes daily and includes variations of pasta, vegetarian tortellini, seasonal organic greens and tiramisu’.

The minds behind Arabeschi di Latte are Francesca Sarti, Alessandra Foschi, Silvia Allori, Francesca Pazzagli, Maria Carla Pernarella, Cristina Cortese and Giulia Iaquinta.
With the team firmly established as a creative venture, there are surely bigger surprises to come.