10/02/2013 - Genoa

Pesto Heavyweight

Marble mortar, wooden pestle, zero tolerance

Last year I thought I knew how to make pesto. I did my homework, R&D, reading, making, tasting. Then I met  Roberto Panizza (at the Taste of Liguria event) and realized that I really didn’t have a clue. So eat this post!

Roberto is the leading authority on traditional Genoese pesto. Global. Current holder of the world title for pesto making, he’s a kind of heavyweight at the Pesto Olympics in his distinctive red apron with ‘Pesto World Champion‘ blazoned on it.

You can taste Roberto’s award-winning creations at Il Genovese, in Genoa of course, run by the Panizza brothers, and follow him on Twitter. For me, he opened up a whole new world of pesto-making dos and don’ts!

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