26/10/2016 - Milan

Premiata Milano

Marbles, transparencies and reflections
The original no-laces Oxford
Via Sant'Andrea view
The new Premiata Milano
No ordinary sneakers

Swanky and splendid, as befits a boutique in the heart of the Lombard capital’s fashion district, is the new Premiata Milano flagship store.

Opposite their original Milan boutique in Via Sant’Andrea, this one – architecturally speaking – carries the prestigious signature of Vincenzo De Cotiis Architects, much sought-after in high-end retail and not only in Italy.

The ample space is ultra contemporary, clean-cut, angular and sparsely furnished. Metal plates of various sophisticated finishes make up a complex, reflective ceiling, while the walls, with minimal transparent shelving, are panelled in stone or roughly plastered. There’s just a hint of vintage in essential seating, but it doesn’t stray much from the white/brass/grey-green palette of the metals, mirrors and marbles. An artistic light feature is the focal point.  

Therein, the whole Premiata range of footwear, leather jackets and accessories, strictly made in Italy. From the iconic men’s francesina (the original Oxford with no laces) to the latest in technical sneakers, they ooze quality and glamour. 

The Mazza family company based in the Marche region dates way back to 1885, but its greatest successes – including a massive expansion beyond Italian borders –  have come in the last few years under the leadership of Graziano Mazza. The concept of what is now a group of companies merges research and cutting-edge innovation – in processing and finishing hides, in the use of ground-breaking technical materials and in design – with a time-honoured obsession for superb artisanship. Today’s products reflect a global 21st-century spirit still rooted in a venerable region-specific manufacturing tradition.

How about Premiata Milano as a stop on one of our guided shopping itineraries? For more info and contacts, visit Milan Experience Tours

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